Why join the BIEAWA?

Never before has the baking industry faced as many challenges as it does today. Apart from the normal issues of industrial relations, workplace safety, food standards and increasing government compliance, the industry is now faced with the concerns of nutritional value of products and the effect on health and obesity.

There has never been a more important time to be a member of your baking industry association – the Baking Industry Employer’s Association of WA (BIEAWA).

  • ONLY the BIEAWA represents the baking industry in work cover issues.
  • ONLY the BIEAWA represents the baking industry in industrial relations issues.
  • ONLY the BIEAWA represents the baking industry in food safety issues and planning.
  • ONLY the BIEAWA represents the baking industry in training and further education of the industry.
  • ONLY the BIEAWA represents the baking industry in the promotion of products and services

A united body means that the Baking Industry has the resolve and representational impact to proactively respond to the many challenges which face the industry.

The Baking Industry Employer’s Association of Western Australia’s goal is to provide the support and motivation to ensure the success and development of the entire Baking Industry.

Ordinary Membership Benefits

  • An Industrial Advocacy service.
  • A ‘point of contract’ legal advisory service for BIEAWA members.
  • An Occupational Health and Safety advisory service including a 24 hr phone contact.
  • Services include advice on Policy and Procedures, Duty of care, Training, induction, Risk Management and others.
  • Free Referral Service (on all industry issues eg HACCP, industrial relations, human resource management, training)
  • Discount fees, on all BIEA seminars, workshops and official functions eg Baking Competition Judging Criteria Workshop
  • Discount subscriptions to ‘Leading Edge’ magazine
  • Training information updates
  • Update on issues impacting on the WA industry eg industrial relations
  • Lobby’s Government eg food regulation issues
  • Determines Apprenticeship training requirements
  • Speaks on behalf of the WA baking industry
  • Formal sponsorship of the Royal Show Baking Competition and LA Judge Awards
  • Represents the WA industry at the National level

The direct benefits and value of membership to an individual bakery are:

  • Discount to BRI activities/membership
  • BRI Newsletter
  • Leading Edge Magazine
  • Members contact list
  • Members stickers (eg for shop)
  • Pin

Associate Membership Benefits:

  • Invitation to BIEAWA Events
  • Website listing including:
    • logo
    • 100 word organisation overview
    • website link

Membership Categories/Pricing

Category 1, 31+ Employees
$990 inc. GST
Category 2, 15 – 30 Employees
$550 inc GST.
Category 3, 3 – 15 Employees
$330 inc. GST