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Baking Industry Employer’s Association of Western Australia

Established in 1902, BIEAWA continues to rise above baking industry norms, by effectively assisting and supporting the baking industry in WA for over 100 years. 

BIEAWA has the knowledge and strength to assist with innovative solutions to the challenges which the industry encounters, at present and in the future. 

We continue to support and inspire the success and development of the entire baking industry with information, trends, baking awards and exclusive membership opportunities. 

The team at BIEAWA look forward to working with you.

What are the benefits of being a BIEAWA Member?

Baking Industry Employers Association Members Benefits

Belonging to the prestigious organisation that is the Baking Industry Employers Association of Western Australia (BIEAWA) not only opens doors, but unlocks a plethora of exclusive benefits that can truly elevate and empower your bakery business.

From unparalleled networking opportunities with seasoned industry experts to gaining access to a treasure trove of invaluable resources, being a part of our esteemed association paves the way for your bakery business to not just survive, but thrive in today’s competitive market landscape.

Joining BIEAWA is more than just an affiliation; it’s a strategic move towards success and growth in the baking industry.

On-demand support from our experienced team
Stay informed on Industry standards, regulations and innovative developments
Excellent business networking opportunities
Access to industry awards, competitions and events
Opportunities for exposure and advertising
Connect with industry suppliers

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BIEAWA 2024 Gala Dinner & Awards Night

A Night In Paris!

Join us for an amazing Awards celebration evening, filled with 5-star live entertainment: Perth’s leading covers band “Little Belle”French Mime acts, French Music and French Dance Show. A delicious 3 Course dinner & drinks are included, the Award celebrations and much more!

Presentation of the 2024 WA Baking Industry Awards, the AG (Tony) Noonan Award, the Most Successful Apprentice, Champion Exhibit in both Bread & Pastry and WA’s Pie of the Year Award, will be presented at this special presentation Gala dinner!

Master of Ceremony: Adrian Barich from Channel 7 Sports

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BIEAWA - 2024 Gala Awards Night Flyer 'A Night in Paris'