International & Australian Trends In Baking 2024

International & Australian Trends In Baking 2024 - Cake with Lambeth style

International & Australian Trends In Baking 2024

by | Mar 11, 2024

Retro Classics

Ideas to try could be Pina Colada cake (coconut and pineapple), classic finger buns, raspberry jam coconut slice, banana bread, Neenish tarts and Hummingbird cake.

Size does matter

Think small – mini everything: cupcakes, muffins, pop cakes, cookies, croissants and mini loaves.  Bite size is visually appealing and offers opportunity to try new exciting flavours.

Flavour Baby

Think of pistachio, peanut butter, banana, Irish cream, chai, cappuccino, cocktails, coffee, blonde chocolate.  “Brown flavours” e.g. chocolate, vanilla, coffee, toffee, tiramisu, brown sugar, dulce de leche, ginger. Spekulaas is trending too. Mix sweet with spicy e.g. Maple jalapeño

Icing On the Cake

Lambeth style – an old English tradition of “over-piping”, an ornate style of cake.  Royal icing is used to “over pipe” detailed designs, often in hanging garlands, topped with cherries.

Bold Black Icing – using retro bold black icing on cakes.

Personalisation – customers love bakes with ornate names on them.

Comic book cakes

Trending as this year as well, across all generations.  Check out the links below:

Interactive cakes

Where customers can purchase DIY kits, to decorate the cakes themselves with fondant icing. Fun for the whole family at home!

Seasonal baking

Think of pumpkin, gingerbread and caramel for autumns, mango and passionfruit for summer.  Think about seasonal fruits and ingredients and experiment with them.

Seasonal Baking - Mango and Passionfruit for Summer

Down To Earth Basics

Incorporate Australian ingredients such as bush tomatoes, finger limes and wattle seed into bakes, also fermented foods like kombucha, kefir, and kimchi are gaining popularity – not only for their potential health benefits but also for their complex and tangy flavours that enhance baked goods.

Use less sugar, higher fibre, including vegetables or fruit and more protein into your bakes.

Ancient grains are fab in baking: Maybe try pre-soaked grains like red quinoa, amaranth, chia, buckwheat, spelt, millet and teff, into your sourdough loaves and other bakes.

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