Save with Seasonal Produce in Baking

Save with Seasonal produce in baking

Save with Seasonal Produce in Baking

by | Mar 20, 2024

We feel like we’re at the mercy of the big supermarkets which dominate the fresh produce market, some of us buy from smaller grocery chains, yet they sometimes charge more for fresh produce.

There is a lot more choice than we realize and we can make a big positive change on personal, community and environment levels by choosing greener alternatives when shopping for produce.

Local shopping is healthier for your body and your wallet

Fresher, uncontaminated and buying what is plentiful at the time, saves money.

Local shopping supports local farmers more directly

Shopping directly from farmers or through smaller local grocers supports farmers more than you would if you bought produce from larger supermarkets. We support another Australian by preserving farms and our local economy.

Shopping locally helps to protect the environment

Locally sourced food doesn’t use the huge amounts of plastic, which is often what’s found with large supermarket produce, it generates less of an environmental footprint than food sold by supermarkets.  We can reduce the environmental impacts of global seasonality in terms of energy and water consumption.

Local shopping helps to protect bees

One third of the food we consume every day, relies on pollination, which is mainly done by bees. If we lose bees, we risk the food security we require for survival.   Shopping locally and supporting local farmers and apiaries means more plants and therefore more food sources for bees, as well as more deliberately made homes for the bees.


Seasonal produce in Western Australia

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