The Future of Gluten Free Baking

The Future of Gluten Free Baking

The Future of Gluten Free Baking

by | Mar 11, 2024

Whilst there is no doubt that the trend in the manufacture of Gluten Free bakery products is still growing, so is the expectation from consumers with regards to the future extension of range of products available.

Whilst there was significant increase and awareness regarding the need for Gluten Free products over the past decade, growth of this segment is still growing at a rate of approximately 5% per annum.  

As all skilled bakers will attest too, there is a true art not only in the making of Gluten free products but to ensuring not only do the products look good, but they must also be highly flavorsome and appealing to everyone’s palate.

The making of Gluten Free products is not just a case of a change of recipe for a bakery, there are stringent requirements around ensuring there is no possible cross contamination between normal products being made using ingredients containing gluten and products no gluten.

Hence why today we see bakers/businesses who have decided to focus purely on just the making of Gluten Free products.

The challenge for any business who chooses to embark on this journey as purely a Gluten Free business is for them to produce quality tasting innovative products consistently.

The proof of a successful Gluten Free business is in the taste in so far that any person that consumes them are unable to detect the differences.   

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